Opening Session

Welcome remarks Johan Prevot
Congress welcome address Jose Drabwell and Prof Bobby Gaspar IPOPI_TV_grey
New Frontiers in Primary Immunodeficiencies (PIDs): what have we learnt and what should we expect? Prof Alain Fischer IPOPI_TV_grey

Session 1 – PIDs and Gastro-Intestinal issues – Chair: Prof Saleh Al Muhsen

Congenital diarrhoea caused by genetic defects Prof Christoph Klein
Management of gastro-intestinal issues in Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies (SCID) patients Prof Yu Lung Lau
Management of gastro-intestinal issues in CVID patients Dr Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles IPOPI_TV_grey
Patient Testimony Ms Dawn Smith IPOPI_TV_grey

Session 2 – Autoimmunity in PIDs – Chair: Prof Alain Fischer

Scientific and molecular basis of autoimmunity in PIDs Dr Frédéric Rieux-Laucat
The clinical management of autoimmune cytopenia’s Dr James Bussel
Managing lung complications in Common Variable Immunodeficiencies (CVID) – an autoimmune issue? Prof Eric Oksenhendler

Session 3 – Focus on Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies – Chair: Prof Andrew Cant

The spectrum of Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies (SCID) defects Prof Bobby Gaspar
SCID treatment advances – BMT and Gene Therapy Prof Bobby Gaspar
SCID Newborn Screening – an update Prof Jennifer Puck
SCID Newborn Screening in Brazil Prof António Condino-Neto

Session 4 – Management of infectious complications and immune dysregulation in PIDs – Chair: Prof Aziz Bousfiha

Biological agents in Primary Immunodeficiency Prof Steve Holland
Managing infectious complications in the developing world setting Prof Fethi Mellouli (by Prof Aziz Bousfiha)
Immunisation and infections in PIDs Prof Andrew Cant

Session 5 – Oral presentations/poster winners Chaired by: Prof Amos Etzioni and Mrs Jose Drabwell

Loss-of-function mutations in IFIH1 predispose to severe viral respiratory infections in children Dr Samira Asgari
A cross sectional study of gastrointestinal symptoms and pathology in patients with common variable immunodeficiency Dr Silje Jørgensen
Newborn screening for SCIDs: impact of gestational age and birth weight on TRECS and KRECS Dr Olaf Neth

Session 6 – The promises and pitfalls of new genetics (Round Table) – Chair: Prof Bobby Gaspar

New technologies identifying new gene defects in PIDs Prof Mirjam van der Burg
Ethical perspective on genetics and PIDs Dr James S. Taylor
Interactive Discussion ALL

Session 7 – Registries: How to use them to advance clinical care? – Chair: Dr Monika Esser

Registries: From research to clinical practise: Experience from Europe Dr Nizar Mahlaoui
ESID registry patient experience Mrs Jose Drabwell
Experience from Latin America Prof António Condino-Neto
Experience from the United States Prof Jennifer Puck
PI connect patient experience Mrs Marcia Boyle
Experience from Africa Dr Monika Esser

Closing lecture – PIDs – Where are we heading? – Prof Amos Etzioni